Boogie City Music: WHEN I GROW UP!


Saturday, September 22, 2012


WHEN I GROW UP! It's amazing,when I was a teenager around about twelve or thirteen years old, and growing up in East St. Louis, my friends and I use to go and sit on the Street curb directly across the street in front of this a little small neighborhood Juke Joint called Hosie Gines,named after the than owner. The Little Juke Joint was on the corner of 6th Street & Trendley Avenue and me and my lil friends would sit on that Street corner and just listen to this blues guy,named LiL Aaron Mosby, he would just be rocking the hell out of this little fribble place.Back ,in the day,entertainer guys like LiL Aaron had loud powerful singing voices, because they had to be able to sing over the loud noise that the people was making in the Joint,these people will be having a time of their lives,dancing,drinking,singing,talking and you can always put your money on it, that a fight will soon break out,but that didn't matter, LIL Aaron and his Band would keep on playing never missing a note nor a beat, him and his Jumping Blues Band would just keep on rocking and never stopping. That's the way that they did things back then.I would sit there and day dream of one day having my own Rocking Band like LiL Aaron's Jumping Blues Band when I grow up...GO SLOW-Blues Crossing!

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