Boogie City Music: February 2010


Friday, February 19, 2010

Coming Soon: April 20th,2010 MC Larry Moody's,It's The Rap of The World

MC Larry Moody
Presents His New Boogie City Rap CD
"It's The Rap of The World" QR101223-1 $10.98

MC Larry Moody debut Album, "It's The Rap of The World," (QR101223-1) after 20 years of spinning his wheels on the St. Louis music scene trying to make it as a rapper/songwriter/producer, the industry seemed to have passed Larry Moody a.k.a. Larry MC by. My intention was for this song to get out there and for people to hear this message and for it to change the world. "Moody said. And I got a letter back from the president for doing the song. Now how good is that? Moody had the letter mounted and framed like a certified platinum plaque. Moody removed the protective covering from the letter with care. " Thank you for your kind message and interesting CD." Obama's letter read. "My family and I have been touched by the outpouring of support we have received since announcing my candidacy for President." Less than two months after Moody received his priceless note, Obama would make history as the Nation's first African-American president. .New Boogie City Rap CD titled,"It's The Rap of The World," a Inspiring Boogie City Sound that is with messages of hope. It's The Rap of The World hear Martin Luther King' I had a Dream speech. this CD is," Is the message of hope that Obama personified through his campaign and election Moody is carring with him as he pursues his career in music. You stick around and keep your HEARS UP! and be listen for "MC Larry Moody's It's The Rap of The World" due to on the streets April 20th., 2010.

Nothin But,"Boogie City Soul" straight out of Boogietown,USA.

Street Date: April 20th, 2010
Available in CD, Cassette Tape and Digital

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Something For Haiti

For the entire month of February, Quinn Records TM have selected Luv n' Thing Album by Oliver Johnson & Nite Train and Songs We're Never Forget by The Masonic Quintet as the Albums of choice to donate all proceeds(100%) received by us from the sales of these Albums through out month of February to the Haitian cause. You can participate by purchasing either a Full-Album or a Mp3 song from selected Albums shown below. We Thank You for your kindness.

Oliver Johnson: Luv

The Masonic Quintet Of Waukegan Illinois: Songs We Sneak Peek


Enjoy twenty (20) of Quinn Records TM Top-Sellers and Fans favorites in Blues/Gospel/Jazz/Soul all on one CD Compilation. This mixed Genre Compilation is the first in the Industry, if you enjoy a variety of music than this CD Compilation is for you. TRY IT! YOU'LL LIKE IT -I G A U R A N T E E ! Sneak Peek