Boogie City Music: June 2009


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

People n' The News With The BLUES,
"Dr. Conrad Murray,"
The St.Louis Post-Dispatch reported that
Murry, who public records show is 56 years
old and is a cardiogist with a practice in Las
Vegas, and has lived in more than 25 homes
over the last decade in several states, filed
for personal bankruptcy in 1992 in California
and has five tax liens against him for hundred
of thousands of dollars,and done lost his new car,
"now that situation to us qualifies Dr. Murrayas a man with a bad case of the,"BLUES".
Thanks For Keeping The BLUES, Alive!
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Where the sound of blues, gospel,jazz and soul music is made.he sound of blues, gospel,jazz and soul music is made.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Healthcare Stories For America

Heathcare Stories For America,,
Nothing But The Blues!
Quinn Records TM,
Where the sound of blues,gospel. jazz and soul music is made.

People n' The News Who Keep The Blues Alive!

People n' The News With The BLUES,
"R.Allen Stanford,"
"Bernard Madoff,"
"Gov. Mark Sanford,"
Thanks For Keeping The BLUES, Alive!
Quinn Records TM
Where the sound of blues, gospel,jazz and soul music is made.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

4th of July (Gospel-Power) Sales

4th of July Special: The Original Southern Harmonizers
EASTER SUNDAY GOSPEL SALE: THE ORIGINAL SOUTHERNHARMONIZERS,"SIXTY-THREE YEARS OF SERVICE FOR THE LORD" ON SALE: $ 15.98 ea. Get A FREE CD Of YOUR CHOICE WITH PURCHASE.The Group was formed in 1942 by Bro. Leonard Bell and Richard Orange.Bro. Richard Orange served as the Group's manager from 1942 to 1945, in that time the Group recorded four unreleased songs that is being debuted on this soul-stirring CD,(QR061145-1), a perfect experience to celebrate the The Original Southern Harmonizers 63rd anniversary, Easter Sunday Special, Click Link to hear a sample of one of the four original recordings of The Original Southern Harmonizers original songs like, "I Want To Know", (1943) and "I Called The Lord" and much, much more। True Southern Gospel "Sixty-Three Years of Service For The Lord"। BUY NOW!LOCATION: This Special Offer Is Not Available In StoresOrder Now! Offer ends July 30th, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

COMING SOON! Boogie City Soul 22"Summer Breese" Show

COMING SOON! John "Jay Rocker Starks, Regional Sales Mgr./Quinn Records TM is planning a Big Boogie City Soul 22 Summer Breese Show in Ft. Deposit, Alabama " Keep-Your-Ears-Up," for more info.
Who's Going To Be On The Show? Uh Yeah! Look, HIT ME BACK, O.K.!

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What Is My Prognosis?

Doctor! Tell me, is I’m going to live?
Well son, sit down!
Ya see after a careful examination, it looks like,
The CD that you got,” free"!
With the purchase of a Quinn,”CD”

Indicates to me, that the GOOD NEWS is,
Yes, you’re going to Live,
But my son, the BAD NEWS Is !
You done gone and got yourself,
A bad case of the,” Blues”

Quinn Reords TM,where the sound of blues,gospel,jazz and soul music is made.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You're Find Us At Most Fine Record Stores!

Our line of, Blues, Gospel,Jazz and Soul Music products are available at most fine Record Stores. or just Order direct online! Better yet, go into or call your local Record Store and ask them to Order the Quinn music that you want and they will be glad to help you.
For FREE Catalog to be sent to you, send us an email with you mailing address to;

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Going Shopping?

Are you browsing the Web, Shopping for new music or Shopping for a Label to submit your demo, than STOP HERE! SHOP HERE!

Where the sound of blues,gospel,jazz and soul music is made...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

On Sale! Gospel Rap Artist, Carlina Q. Aldridge

(Gospel Rap)New Release: Ain't Doing Nothing by Carlina Q. Aldridge buy 1 Get 1 FREE! (Carlina Q. is Sanctifed,Sexy,Satisfied and Sensational! See her with her dynamic Praise Dancers doing those shimmering, body jerking,twisting moves and her Hot talented Musician on stag,they'll brings the Houses Down! Ain't Doing Nothing, CDSingle On Sale. Order Now! Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! Limited Time Only!

Have Anybody Seen A Shopping Cart Around Here?

Quinn Records TM-(For Our Online Shopping Customers): Sorry for the inconvenience, our Website Shopping Cart is temporally out-of-order! So, as the Spokesperson for QRTM, I guess the only thing that I can say now is, (WHOooo! IN HELL TOOK OUR SHOPPING CART,Um?) Oh excuse me, but that S????, just gives me the,"BLUES"!
(Quinn Records TM, where the sound of blues, gospel, jazz and soul music is made...)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

For The Jazz Lover In You!

For The Jazz Lover In You- New Release "Buy 1 Get 1 FREE" Oliver Johnson Trio new CD Release "Jazz On Washington Avenue Filled with new original tunes,from straight ahead to modern jazz sounds. Featuring some of St. Louis top names in the Jazz arena,"like Henry Burns,piano,Wallace Alvin Troop, drums and Raymond Eldridge,bass and Oliver Johnson on trumpet, special guest Henry Taylor on guitar. This is definately the Jazz sounds that takes you back to the old Gaslight Square days in St. Louis. "JAZZ ON WASHINGTON AVENUE" In stores and Online, Now! Don't Miss This Special Offer...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Best In Quartet Gospel

Quinn Records TM- (Gospel Power) With Roy Page & The Spiritual Aires, "Work On Me", Albert Phillips & The Divine Messengers,"A Meassage From The Messengers, The Orig. Southern Harmonizers,"Sixty Three Years of Service For The Lord, The Kirkwood Spiritual Aires,"Count Your Blessing," and The Masonic Quintet,"Songs We'll Never Forget", All The Best-in-Quartet Gospel! Available In All Fine Record Stores Everywhere.(if, not on your local store self, ask your store to order it for you from Super D Phantom Distributors-CA or Gonzales Music Wholesale-LA) Also available online at,,, and

You Might!

You know! if it's Blues,Gospel,Jazz and Soul music,that you like, then you;ll like Quinn. Well you might! Check us out.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Quinn Records TM-(Soul-Power) We have a new release that will soon be on the streets, Ceritifed Slim,"Teach Me Love," QR091229,songs like, "Hot Sexy Mama," "Sweetness Is Her Weakness." and "You've Been Cheating," is on the rise...
Quinn Records TM:Where the sound of blues,gospel,jazz and soul music is made..

History In The Makings

Quinn Records TM-(History In The Making) Today,I listened to the new demo track from Richard Brook's formerly of Jerry Butler & The Impressions, first-time ever version of their 1958 anthem hit, "For Your Precious Love" to be released Tuesday July 21st.,2009 on the Quinn Records TM label, it's unbelievable and it's awsome. Richard pays tribute to members of The Impressions and give "Thanks," to all of his friends, family and fans in this version of,"For Your Precious Love". Richard explained that the only reason why he wanted to record the Album with the Quinn Records TM label, was to say Thanks to all of his fans that supported the Group throughout the years. CD QR091218-1

Monday, June 8, 2009

It's In The Blend!

Dwight L Quinn Quinn Records TM-It's In The Blend! We've decided to put together the writing team of Brooks & Yarbro for our New POP/Soul sound, it's a blend of ole school and new school collaboration. Richard Brooks,formerly of Jerry Butler & The Impressions has made the Top 20 Charts so many times, that he was inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame in 1991 and received The Rhythm n' Blues Acheivement Award in 2000. Of the many hits written by Richard A. Brooks among to the most familar tunes are,"For Your Precious Love, A Gift Of Love, Love Me, Lovely One, I Need Your Love and Don't Leave, to name a few. Richard, is not only bringing to the Quinn Records TM table his many years writing and entertaining skills but more importantly he's bringing a Brand New Sound, which is a blend of POP/Soul, collaborated with help of Curtis Y.(Yarbro) who's the new kid on the block compared with that of Richard Brooks, is still wet behind the ears when it comes to writing and scoring hits, but Curtis Y. is boiling over with writing skills as well as entertaining talent, an execellent ingredient to add to this blend making this team a lean mean, songwiting machine!