Boogie City Music: July 2010


Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's Hot Outside but We're Busy Inside..

It's hot & balmy but we're busy friends,Cat Daddy and T.E.L.O. appeared at the Highland Festival this weekend in Gastonia,it was a success the people love em,the whole crowd was doing the Chicken Neck, the new Club dance by the Cat, it will be out on DVD this Fall.Prince Ronnie Love is getting his new songs together for his debut Album due out this October on the Quinn Records TM label,Ronnie is excited about this project, it will be featuring his hit single,Will You Marry Me". Ronnie will make a fine addition to the Quinn Family of Recording Artists,Welcome aboard Ronnie. MC Larry Moody a.k.a. The True MC,has just finished a funky Club song call,Money Talks"(I wonder what walks?)but anyway "Money Talks," saids it all and it is definately going to get the Club girls attention. And KL is also putting the final touchs on his Album,I Got My Swag On,the Album is full of some Sweet Soul cuts all original and written especially for the Album. Like I mentioned upfront,it'hot outside but it's busy around this place and as for me I'm getting well from a broken ankle,no I didn't break it off in nobody's,but it's healing now it's on Yall!See ya, in the Stores and Shows, Later!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


IT'S ON YALL! GASTONIA S.C.: Cat-Daddy and T.L.E.L.O (They Don't Love You Back" QR10122-5) will be performing at the Highland Fest. Saturday July 17,12pm in Gastonia,S.C. appearing before almost four thousand expected Fastival goers' Cat Daddy and T.L.E.L.O doing 2 shows See the Cat do his "Chicken Neck, Hear the Cat,I Like Girls, and Feel the Cat plea,"They Don't Love You Back," leaving you feeling like you've been,JUICED BY THE CAT"

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cat Daddy Cook Out And Video Shoot Was A Huge Success

This holiday weekend, was a huge success for Cat Daddy and his Stateline Boys at their Cookout and Video Shoot held in Gastonia South Carolina. There were an estimated one thousand people that attended the all day event in Gastonia South Carolina. Cat Daddy and his team performed their new Club dance," Chicken Neck"the dance is speading like a ruptured oil well, throughout Gastonia and the surrounding areas. Cat Daddy has been asked to perform at the annual Highland Festival being held in Gastonia in mid July the Festival is said to attract over four thousand festival goers each year,Cat Daddy will be doing two performances that day. One of Cat Daddy's performance at the Highland Festival will for the Children only,were he will be performing and teaching the kids to do his new dance the Chicken Neck, than Cat Daddy will take center stage later on the day with other top performing personalities and star atletes participating in the Highland Festival.

Eddie Dunlap, Team Manager of Cat Daddy also,will be annoucing and buzzing the up and coming Chicken Neck Dance Contest that will be held in Charolette North Carolina at the end of July 2010, there will be a five hundred dollar ($500.00) first prize given to the winner at each of the Chicken Neck Dance Contest held in various Cities. Eddie said that he expect to hold atleast five of these Chicken Neck dance contests this Summer begining the end of July.

Children is our future, said Cat Daddy they are important to me I got the opportunity to be a positive Role Modelto them, thats why I'm dedicating as much of my time performing for them as I can, said Cat Daddy. Cat Dady will make good on his word, when he perform at the Walmart Children Miracle Network Fundraiser in mid July. Cat Daddy's debut Album,They Don't Love You Back,QR10122-5 is featuring the Chicken Neck and will be available along with his new DVD,Chicken Neck that will be in Stores in mid August. For more information contact Quinn Records TM (314-771-4488
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Radio Personality Keith Larson of WBT-FM 99.3 and WBTB-TV Channel 10 interviews Cat Daddy/Chicken Neck

Things Are Heating Up For Cat Daddy In South Carolina
Cat Daddy
finally got the attention of Keith Larson of WBT-FM 99.3 Chester,SC. Keith will be interviewing Cat Daddy this morning Thursday July 1, 2010. Cat Daddy will be talking about his new Club Dnace called "Chicken Neck," and his debut CD on the Quinn Records TM's label Titled "They Don't Want You Back" which include Chicken Neck. The local television station WBTB Channel 10 will also be interviewing Caddy tomarrow Friday July 02,2010 there in Gastonia.
It's a great time for Cat and he's making the best of it. Cat Daddy's big Cook out and Video Shoot begins Saturday July 03rd,2010 in Gastonia where there are expecting a turn out of approximately 2000 people for free food, games and dance.Eddie Dunlap on Sodun Records will be assisting Cat Daddy in this event Saturday, told Quinn Records today that he has made plans to schedule Cat Daddy to make a person appearance at the Walmart Childrens Miracle Fundraiser Event taking place in mid July details are to furnished at a later date. Cat Daddy has been put on alert for the Annual Highland Festival held in Gastonia where it has been estimated as having well over 4000 in attendence, during this annual event. Cat Daddy is excited about all of the love and support that he is getting from family,friends and supporters in his hometown area. LISTEN TO SAMPLE TRACKS HERE!